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Other Stories

An eclectic collection of short stories by the award-winning author of Bacalao and With Honour in Battle, Blackout & Other Stories has a little something for every taste. Three of the sixteen stories have never previously appeared in print.

The stories range from the hard boiled title story, to more of McDaniel’s popular submarine adventure stories, to ancient civilization fantasy, strangely civilized, not so civilized vampires, and even a bit of science fiction. Here you’ll find demigods and vampires, cabala and murder, fleet boats and U-boats, “unbelievable true stories” that never happened, and a very unusual duel between a battleship and a carrier task force.

Includes these stories:

Blackout: A hard-boiled mystery with an unusual twist.
Eighteen Hours: An American submarine and a German U-boat find themselves in a protracted duel in the Atlantic.
Element of Surprise: Battleship vs. Carrier Task Force. A Gehunite Empire story briefly alluded to in Returning.
Survivor: After being torpedoed by a Japanese submarine, a destroyer’s crew must somehow stay alive until someone notices they’re missing. If anyone every does.
The Collinsville UFO: A “true” account of an unidentified flying object seen on 3 June 1847 at Collinsville, Indiana.
Conflict of Interest: A suburban housewife and school board member is under pressure from her pastor to remove Harry Potter from the school libraries.
Skagerrak: A prequel to With Honour in Battle.
A Big Disappointment: How do you handle it when you’re playing in the World Series against the team you grew up rooting for and your mother won’t talk to you?
Memoir: Some recollections from a most unusual vampire.
The Life of Salmik the Great: Another Gehunite Empire story. This is essentially a biography of the empire’s founder, loaded with supernatural meaning.
Mort’s Maid: Uncle Mort doesn’t want to sell his estate to a mob-connection shopping mall developer. His always silent, seemingly ageless maid has a mystical secret.
Predator: A serial killer has picked a new victim.
A Patient Man: On his deathbed, an aged funeral director reveals what really happened to his old employer’s odious son all those year ago.
Castle Grosshelm: German prisoners of war are put to work excavating a ruined Romanian castle by their Russian captors. Sometimes, things should just be left buried.
Mission Twenty-Five: The bombardier recalls what happened on his plane’s twenty-fifth bombing mission. The one that, if they survive, means they get to go home.
Return to Duty: The third Gehunite Empire story. Commander Julia Maniah returns to her dry-docked submarine on the morning when Arzucalda decides to start a war.

Trade Paperback, 8-½ x 5-½, $9.99, isbn: 978-1-932606-41-6
Published by Riverdale Books

Blackout & Other Stories may be ordered from your local bookseller, or from these online retailers:

Amazon.com: Trade Paperback, Kindle Edition
Barnes & Noble: Trade Paperback