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Apply for a Performance License

Clicking on the links on this page will open your email client and populate a pre-formatted email application. Please fill in all the fields and send the email to submit an application for a license.

Application for Rights

For “Type of Performance,” please indicate one of the following:

Equity Regional
Non-Equity Regional
Equity Touring
Non-Equity Touring
Non-Profit Community Theater
Professional Community Theater
Public/Private School

Please complete all fields. The full address is needed for both the person or company producing the show, and for the venue (theater) where it will be presented. The “professional community theater” category includes any community theater that is not organized as a non-profit corporation under IRS regulations, or any for-profit theater that does not pay a salary to performers. If the actors are paid, select the Equity or non-Equity Regional category.

Touring companies will need to submit a new application for each venue.

In addition to paying royalties, which will be due prior to the first performance, producers are required to purchase sufficient scripts to provide one copy to each actor, director, stage manager, assistant stage manager, set designer, lighting operator, and all other technical staff (not including stagehands). Scripts may be purchased directly from the licensing agency, C.P.C. Theatrical, or you may submit a copy of a completed order for a sufficient number of scripts from a bookseller.

If you wish to license more than one one-act play to be presented at the same performance, please indicate this. Two or more plays in any published collection will be billed at the same price as one full-length play.

Absolutely no performances or readings may be presented without a paid, executed license having been issued. No exceptions.