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Interviews with J.T. McDaniel

The interviews linked from this page span the period from 2001 to the present. For the most part, I’m interviewing myself, though a number of the questions originally came from readers in one email or another. The interview conducted by Jacob Thomson is an example of an actual person being interviewed by a fictional person. Thomson is a pen name that I used for writing horror and supernatural stories.

I suppose you can see a progression in some areas over the fourteen year period covered by these interviews. I don’t think my politics have changed, exactly, but the parties certainly have. There was a lot of doubt about things like climate change back in 2001, and there’s really none today, except among a group of pseudo-conservatives who can’t seem to get past a promise made to a mythical sailor by a mythical deity that there would be no more floods, and somehow manage to ignore reality when it conflicts with their myths. There’s a good bit of that in the 2014 interview. The others are mostly linked to book releases and talk about the books and how they came about.

2001 Interview

2005 Interview

May 2006 Interview

January 2014 Interview