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Building Revell’s 1:72 Scale Gato

Back in 2006, when I was still living in an apartment in Riverdale, Georgia, I’d pass a little hobby shop every time I walked down to the market. They specialized in model trains, but the owner was naturally happy to order just about any model you might want, if he didn’t have it on the shelf. In the plastic model category he stocked mostly cars and planes, and a few of the more popular small scale ship models. Honestly, he devoted more shelf space to HO scale buildings than to models.

I ended up special ordering two. One was a visible V8, a version of one I’d built back when they first came out. I think I might have been in my early teens back then. There was a fashion for “visible” models at the time, so besides the engine, I also built a Visible P-51 Mustang, a Visible Man, a Visible Woman, and a Visible Head.

The other special order was Revell’s new 1:72 scale model of a Gato class fleet submarine. This was a big model, slightly over four feet long when completed. I think it took two or three weeks to build.